An Integrative Approach

Are you frustrated that receiving a diagnosis hasn’t led to the kind of recovery you were hoping for? Well-meaning treatments that may even help, make no difference, or create different issues, but leave you with symptoms remaining? Do you still wonder why these symptoms and diagnoses happened in the first place?

Are you ready for a new approach that provides deeper, root-cause treatment to chronic illness?

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Dr. Flagel’s integrative, holistic approach is based on a functional medicine model in which chronic disease can be boiled down to imbalances that affect our entire well being. These imbalances in the body lead to a state of illness – or when balanced, lead to wellness.

Dr. Flagel guides patients in discovering these imbalances in the body and illuminates a path to restoring physical and mental health and wellness.

Whether you’re dealing with digestive issues, autoimmune disease, depression or anxiety, poor concentration, metabolic issues like high blood sugar or cholesterol, low energy or fatigue, or other symptoms that don’t seem to have a clear cause, a personalized functional medicine assessment and treatment plan may be the solution.

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Functional Medicine Treatment Plan

We use a comprehensive approach to gather information about your individual health timeline and create a personalized plan based on a holistic, root-cause medicine approach.

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Integrative Medication Prescribing

Have you suffered from incomplete or partial benefits from your prescribed medications? We take an integrative approach to prescribing medications to provide symptom relief in the short-term, with a more holistic, long-term approach in mind.

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Health Coaching

We create individualized wellness plans to meet you where you are in your wellness journey. You’ve set your wellness goals, now let us help you reach them.

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Group Programs

Using the power of groups and social change, our goal is to create an environment of caring accountability. We are in the process of creating groups, please email us if you’re interested.

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“Dr. Flagel’s Functional Medicine approach to Psychiatry has been life changing for me. I’d seen many doctors over the last decade, but none took the time to really listen to my story and understand the root cause of my symptoms. Dr. Flagel has been more than a doctor — he’s been a true partner on my journey back to health.” – Robin, 42-year-old female

“I really appreciate Dr Flagel’s calm and caring manner. He didn’t leave me with the label of “Anxiety disorder” but rather filled me with hope as he explained my stress responses, and what we could do about them. His encouragement as he walked me through steps to healing kept me from getting discouraged. He definitely helped me reach my goal of finding the root cause of my symptoms and I am thankful I was able to get off the meds.” – KB

“Dr Flagel saved my son’s life. He went out on a limb to make sure he got what he needed. I will forever be thankful. Such a terrific man, Dr and person. I wish you well Dr. Flagel, and thank you again for what you did for us.”

“I have just gotten out of a nightmare situation with my previous Psychiatrist and Dr. Flagel is the only light shining out of that situation. He’s warm and professional. I talk a lot and he never cuts me off or makes me feel as though I’m babbling (Although I usually am). He’s to the point without ever being abrasive or pushy. I always walk out of my appt’s in high spirits because he has such good energies.”

“Dr. Flagel is the best doctor that I ever had. He listens to his patients and is very skilled at diagnosis. I have never felt rushed which is uncommon in medicine these days. He diagnosed a condition that my primary doctors had not diagnosed for over 50 years and it was not in the area of his specialty. It turned out that my 5yr son had the condition too which was a blessing that it was caught so early in his life.”

“Great rapport with me! Innovative open approach. Kind companionate energetic and very receptive to my ideas!”

“Best, most compassionate, and understanding psychiatrist I’ve ever had! He even met with my older parents to explain the facts and answer questions about my depression!! Thank you for the years of help!!”

“Dr. Flagel is a kind, caring, and knowledgeable psychiatrist. He is patient and understanding and has always treated me with dignity and respect. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to him 3 years ago and would highly recommend him to any friend or family member.”

“He instantly put me at ease and that’s not always easy to do. I felt that he’s sensitive and understanding of the different issues I’ve discussed with him. He’s always trying the holistic way first. Good old fashion exercise and sleep fixes a lot! But for those stubborn problem areas, he was able to match me up to some Rx’s that have worked very well for me. I have and will continue to recommend him to the people I care about.”

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