Health Coaching

You’ve set your health goals, now let us help you reach them.

Tara Flannery and Heather Flagel are National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coaches who share a passion for health and wellness and a desire to help clients experience lasting change.

We’re committed to creating an individualized wellness plan that meets you where you are in your wellness journey. Let our expertise and guidance help you lay the foundation you need to build a better, more healthy lifestyle.

As coaches, we’ll partner with you to create new habits and transform your health. If you’re working with a practitioner, we’ll join forces and support you with the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed.

We’re here to empower, challenge, push, and celebrate success with you.

Are you ready to let go of old cycles and find your new, true self? Let us be the support system you need during this time of self-discovery and change.

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Heather Flagel Headshot
Heather Flagel
Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

As a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Heather provides support and encouragement to adults on their health and wellness journey. Her goal is to inspire, motivate and empower change while promoting wellness and helping clients feel their best.

You’ll work with Heather to develop a personalized plan that takes into account your real life – stresses and all – as well as your best life ideal. Together you’ll look at lifestyle factors – diet, movement, social connections – to determine where change is needed. Heather uses a strengths-based approach and may incorporate stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness and meditation.

Let Heather guide you as you learn to listen to your instincts. She’ll be there to nudge, push, or be your cheerleader – listening to you, hearing you, and helping you achieve lasting change.

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Tara Flannery Headshot
Tara Flannery
Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Tara has a real passion for food, family, and helping people – especially families and children. As a mom, wife, sister, and daughter she has experienced the impact food and lifestyle has in her life and the lives of those around her.

As a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Tara works with her clients to develop lifestyle and wellness goals and identify areas that may be creating imbalance. She uses a strengths-based perspective while also utilizing alternative methods of stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and breath work. She can even teach meal prep workshops to guide clients through Whole 30, elimination, and other specialized diets.

Partner with Tara to take charge of your health, turn back the clock on disease, create healthy habits that last, and manage your stress.

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