Dr. Jeremy Flagel

Jeremy Flagel, M.D., graduated from the Keck School of Medicine at USC after receiving his B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University.

After serving as Chief Resident in Psychiatry at the University of Washington, he began practicing in San Diego.

Over the years, he became dissatisfied with the medication management mill that insurance models and managed care dictated and sought out further training in Integrative Medicine. In 2011, he learned about Functional Medicine and began a new training path – eventually becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM), and then a Certified Practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFMCP). He has been incorporating integrative and functional medicine principles into his practice for the past 4 years and opened his practice in San Diego in 2017. He attends numerous conferences each year to further his training and learn more in the integrative realm.

Dr. Flagel grew up in the Pacific Northwest, playing basketball, soccer, and hiking. He now visits often to find a balance between the more available nature of the Northwest and the sunshine of San Diego. In his practice, he frequently partners with his wife, Heather, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) as well as a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach (CFMHC). Dr. Flagel also has experience in using functional medicine in his own health journey and knows firsthand the amazing power of root-cause, systems biology medicine, and the challenges in implementing lifestyle changes. Outside of their work, Dr. Flagel and his wife are also busy parenting their two boys.

Our Office Assistant, Robin Younkin

Robin Marie Younkin is an experienced virtual assistant specializing in office management and administration. After ten years of growing small businesses, she began offering her services virtually in order to be closer to her newborn son. Robin enjoys reading fiction, writing blogs, spending time in nature, and cooking. She lives in Coastal California with her husband, son, and cat. To schedule an appointment or for any questions you may have, email Robin at info@insight-integrative-health.com

Dr. Flagel’s Philosophy

The health of the tree depends on the strength, structure and environment of its roots. Similarly, the foundation of our own lives determines the greater structure of our health. Just as the tree needs healthy soil, water, and proper nutrients from the foliage around it, our bodies need to grow by nourishing our roots.

Our foundational roots are nutrition, sleep and relaxation, movement, balancing stress, and the connectedness we feel to the world around us. Like pruning the branches of a tree, treating our personal imbalances with multiple trips to specialists, and multiple medications can be temporarily helpful, and in many cases necessary. However, if the underlying needs or imbalances are never addressed, these measures prove temporary – for both the tree and us. I believe we can truly begin to heal when we better understand the unique soil we need to grow.

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The functional medicine model we practice shows all chronic disease can be boiled down to imbalance or dysfunction in seven systems and the interplay between them.

1. Digestion and how we assimilate and incorporate what we need (and don’t) is closely related to…

2. Our immune system and the balance between protection and over activity. These and other systems need efficient…

3. Energy production. Problems here are often linked to…

4. Our bodies’ ability to detoxify and clear out what we don’t need that in many cases contributes to illness.

5. Transporting things from place to place is necessary to distribute what we need to where it needs to go which includes…

6. Hormonal communication influencing and modifying all of the above processes.

7. Finally, structural integrity is needed to keep things where they should be to allow all the above to happen as well.

The above systems interrelate and integrate to affect our entire well being. Whether you are dealing with digestive issues, autoimmune disease, depression or anxiety, poor concentration, metabolic issues like high blood sugar or cholesterol, our roots determine our system. Our system determines our health.

Similarly, our biology is acted upon by the world around us. Environmental toxins in the air, water, commercial products or food production, as well as difficult and traumatic life experiences not only affect our brain, but are manifested in our body as well. Only by acknowledging this and attempting to address brain, mind, and body can we create a meaningful healing template. In my work with patients, I help unfold these determining factors and help you approach the steps needed to further enrich your health and your life.

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