The Benefits of Fasting

August 15, 2019
Dr. Jeremy Flagel
The Benefits of Fasting

Some people use fasting to kickstart their health journeys. I know what you’re thinking – the last thing we want to hear is that we need to stop eating! However, studies have shown that there are types of fasting that provide incredible health benefits.

A Different Type of Fast

We have an idea of fasting as abstaining from all food for long periods of time, and this can create unreal and unhealthy expectations. However, there are some benefits to an intermittent fast – where you eat only at certain limited intervals during the day, as well as paths of fasting-mimicking diets where you eliminate or greatly reduce caloric intake before reintroducing certain foods.

What a lot of data has found is that certain types of fasting can decrease brain degeneration. It can also decrease insulin sensitivity. When applied correctly and in certain ways, a fast can actually stimulate the body to improve stem cell production, reducing the aging process.

Improving Your Health Through Fasting

I bring this up because I’m about halfway through the process myself. I’ve gone through a 5-day fasting-mimicking diet for 3 months in a row in order to improve my own health.

I’m happy to discuss this more in detail. If you have problems with insulin resistance, high cholesterol, brain fog, or want to slow down the aging process and feel more energy and clarity, a fast is one way to stimulate stem cell production and help yourself feel better afterward.

You may find that you are a little more hungry (I certainly am – I won’t lie!), but the health benefits make this a worthwhile exercise.

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