A Quick Way to Reduce Inflammation

August 22, 2019
Dr. Jeremy Flagel

Inflammation is one of those concepts that can be a little maddening. The immune system exists to protect us and make sure that our bodies are doing everything they can to keep us from getting sick. However, that balance can shift, and the immune system can become overactive. When this happens, it often leads to all sorts of issues: autoimmune problems, hypersensitivity reactions and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Luckily, there are small daily changes we can make to reduce inflammation.

Slowing Down Inflammation

One of the things that I frequently try to do with patients is to discover how to control inflammation and slow it down. While a comprehensive functional medicine assessment and treatment visit will give insight as to the cause of inflammation, you can begin incorporating small changes in your daily life to reduce inflammation now. My recommendation today is to make sure you’re getting up and getting movement into your life each day. Going for walks is a quick, easy to maintain habit that can make a difference.

Reducing the Dangers of Sitting

Being sedentary and sitting around too frequently may be as much of a risk factor in inflammation and early death as smoking. Going for a walk can upregulate the anti-inflammatory pathways. It’s a habit I practice regularly and I encourage you to do the same! It’s a quick, easy-to-maintain exercise that can make a difference.

Both exercise and our food choices can modulate the expression of our genes in a way that slows down our inflammatory pathways.  Change the expression of your genes through your daily choices!

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